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        +961 1 498933 info@www.9x1jq1l.buzz

        We have a new phone number!

        Contact us now on T. + 961 1 498 933

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        We have moved!

        Find us now at Sin El-Fil, Charles Helo Ave., Riverside 2404 Complex, Bloc B, 2nd fl. Telephone +961 1 498 933 – Mobile +961 76 888 438

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        Another successful BIG5 event in Dubai

        Another successful BIG5 event in Dubai for Prihoda Arab Peninsula (PAP). PAP ?stand was located inside the HVAC Hall and we attracted new Contractors and Leads. We have also organized with the cooperation of Prihoda […]

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        BIG5 Dubai

        “Join us this coming November between the 23rd and 26th to Dubai, and visit our stand at the BIG5 show.?For a free access registration, please click on the below banner and register your name!” We […]

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        New location and offices

        The Group will be moving to new owned-office space at Riverside 2404 Complex, Charles Helou Avenue, Sin El-Fil.

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