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        +961 1 498933 info@www.9x1jq1l.buzz
        • 2015-01-14 16.42.12

        About the Project


        Riverside 2404 project consisting of three building blocks, with common four underground basement.

        Block A: Boutique hotel of 65 rooms, Roof pool, conference rooms and 2 restaurants: All MEP Works including VRV, Automation, Fire Fighting,..

        Block B: Stores and offices with gym and 11 floors: All MEP works

        Block C: Residential Apartments: All MEP Works.

        MEP systems include: Power plant 1250 KVA, 120 sq. meters solar water heating for hotel, hotel automation, CCTV, Fire alarm, Access control, firefighting sprinklers and hose reels, VRF air conditioners, gray water treatment, domestic water treatment

        DATE :?2012


        2015-01-14 16.42.12



        Project Info

        Client : Frederic Ozeir